Billing is an art form. Some is good, some is bad, and some is downright ugly. Unfortunately, many business owners never know exactly what kind of a job their billing staff is doing, since it is easy to simply write off an account that is too bothersome to collect.

The only foolproof method of “grading” your billing staff, is to send your Electronic Remittance Notices to RemitData. ERN’s can not be manipulated, and the analysis done by RemitData will tell you exactly what kind of a job your billing staff is doing. The reports generated from your ERN’s will show things like “Average Days Outstanding”, “Aged Cash”, “Denial Code Analysis”, and many more.

Allegro uses the services of RemitData to prove that the quality of their work is well above national averages. We always advise potential clients to use the services of RemitData if they decide to keep their billing in house, since it is the only way to get an accurate “barometer” of their billing staff. Check out their link on this page to see what they can offer, and see how Allegro Medical Billing stacks up to the competition.

All results provided and copyrighted by RemitDATA, Inc.