Allegro was founded in 1992 by a computer literate jazz pianist in Tampa Florida named Ward Cook. A friend who owns a small pharmacy in Ward’s neighborhood asked him if he would use his computer expertise to transmit pharmacy claims for Durable Medical Equipment to the Medicare carrier in Jacksonville, Florida. Ward quickly found that computer literacy didn’t mean a thing. What really mattered was an intimate understanding of Medicare laws and guidelines for proper reimbursement.

Ward, who also has a medical background from the University of Florida Medical School , became a student of Medicare coding and reimbursement policy, and within six months had mastered the complexities of all types of DME billing procedures. When Medicare established the four DME regional carriers in the early nineties, Allegro became one of the first fully certified service bureaus authorized to handle electronic DME claims for all fifty states.

By 2007, Allegro had become one of the largest and reputable DME billing companies in the United States, and served over 150 clients ranging in size from small, independently owned pharmacies, to large, multimillion dollar DME companies.

Ward still plays a few charity events with his group in the Tampa Bay area, but he admits that the demands and responsibilities of Allegro take most of his time now. He likes to joke that now he can afford to be a musician.